The Why List is about finding answers to big life questions. The kind of questions that have bugged people for a long time.

I’m Ron Geraci, the person behind the site. After spending many years working for magazines and websites, I started The Why List in order to take much deeper dives into things that I’d like to understand much better.

You can contact Ron Geraci at [email protected].


FAQs  (so far)

Q:  Why do you have a “safe for work” mode when people aren’t even in offices anymore?

A: I started it before the pandemic when offices were still somewhat of thing. But the main idea is to give any human who’d rather see “heck” instead of “hell”—or, okay, “hell” instead of other words—that option for any reason. Maybe they want to send something to their mom.

The term “safe for work” does sound a little outdated now, sort of like “you’ve got mail” sounded after the millennium. But all the other labels I considered (cursing on/off?) weren’t as easily understandable.


Q: If I subscribe, are you going to barrage me with emails or give my info to anybody else who will?

A: No and unequivocally no.




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